Always the best quality

Meatexport LLC is one of the leading producers of sub-product of beef, pork and chicken in Ukraine with headquarters located in the middle of Kyiv city.



Our management team have wealth of experience in field of production and trade and has been active last 30 year.

We offer precise and concise delivery options to the growing Asian and African Markets, with quality and on time deliveries in mind.


Familiar with all aspects of Incoterms and Trade, we strive to ensure that all deliveries are made according to the contract.

We are very proactive in our approach to every delivery and anticipate resolving any problems that potentially may occur before they arise.


We take great pride to reflect that we have an impeccable record for performing, whether it is around the corner or around the world, you may be assured that once we commit to a contract, you can count on us to deliver and bank on it.

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Our departments and key contacts

Here you will find the contacts of our team, who will help you with any questions you may have about our products and the orders we are working on at the moment.

Sales Department

For questions about the order, order completion, delivery and container status, please contact our sales department. They can help you and give you detailed information about our products.

Purchasing Department

Do you have any products we might be interested in? Perhaps you would like to offer the supply of equipment, consumables and other materials for our factory and warehouses? Is the right guys to contact.

Financial Department

Everything about payment, checks, finance, and invoices goes to the guys in this department.