Quality meat, fast shipping

We always keep an eye on the quality of our products. Working with us you can be sure of fast delivery and high quality.


What do we offer?



You can order from us wholesale delivery of chicken to any part of the world. We offer both whole chicken carcasses, parts and by-products including chicken feet for export.



We offer a wide variety of high quality pork products across various commercial sectors, with a focus on pork sub-products, such as: feet, stomach, tales, ear, etc.



Beef is one of the most popular and widespread commodities that we export to the African and Asian markets. Our main products in these markets are: tripe, honeycomb, omasum, feet, etc.

We are proud to export
our products since 2008

Worldwide destribution

We are approved in more than 30+ countries for import as a trusted exporter. Including: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, China and many others.

Unique branding and packaging

For all of our clients, we are able to offer unique branding, that may become very well-known on the market you are looking for.

Fast order processing

You can be sure, that we will do our best to proceed your order as fast as possible. We can guarantee one of the fastest container fill up on the market.

High product quality

We are offering only high product quality. We guarantee, that the product you buy will be fresh and clean.